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2018 Hosta Fest


What is a “Nellie’s" Orphans? The story goes when my daughter Nellie was old enough to be in the greenhouse she started to show interest in my passion for

gardening. At this time she was more company than help, but you can never start too young building character. She was around three or four years old, mostly interested in just playing in the potting soil or playing with the watering can or water hose. The next year brought more interest in doing something to actually help. This year I found Nellie actually planting items in small pots I had lying around in the hoop house. Her items of choice were rocks, sticks, and feathers most anything in the immediate area. The room she was starting to demand for her potted treasures was getting extensive, so I recommended potting some castaway cuttings from the dividing table I was working at, although the roots were small there was a good chance they may survive. Low and behold quite a few started growing and looked pretty good! Nellie now after witnessing a couple Hosta Fests, thought she could set up a small table and go into business or herself selling small castaway homeless plants we call Orphans,’ Nellie’s Ophans.’ Now each year Nell has loyal customers clamoring around her table to get her best selections of hosta, (which never cost more than four dollars usually only three). Now because of the demand for her plants Nellie does adopt damaged plants that get tipped over, broken in transit to the display tables, or that our new rambunctious puppy plows over while playing around the plants. The money earned is going in her own savings account for I hope a promising future. For as long as we have Hosta Fest we will always have Nellie’s Orphans at our event, and I can only hope Nell will always come back to run her table in the future for years to come!

 Nell is only one of four children we have that are all a big part of Hosta fest and its operations, Nells the youngest of the group and just fell into the Orphan

situation. So with that said, stop in and visit Nell and the rest of her family and

take a tour of our Arboretum maybe you will find a souvenir to take and plant

at your home.

Truly here at Al’s Auto Body and arboretum we want to plant the seed for a sustainable future to come, for everyone!